Founded in 1947, Taula is a crucial reference point for those who believe in Universitas Scholarium values: total independence for the Athenaeum, central role for the students in every moment of their University life, freedom of research and teaching, cooperation between faculty staff and students.

The Fraternity is non-party and non-religious and it is completely independent from any external institutions. It operates at a wide range inside Bocconi University, carrying out cultural, social and cooperative initiatives addressed to the entire Bocconian community.

Its members are at all times engaged in cultural, political and sports activities as well as voluntary work. They strongly support the principles of freedom, independence and laity by taking on numerous activities and encouraging cooperation among the diverse associations present in the University environment.

The Fraternity wants to deeply enhance the academic experience and this constant research was rewarded in 2014 by Pres. Giorgio Napolitano, who conferred the Medal of the President of the Republic to "Bazar", a play staged by the inmates of the Rebibbia prison in order to raise students' awareness about the significance and the conditions of detention in Italy.

Società della Taula is the only Bocconi Students Association to have an headquarter outside the campus. The Society accepts a limited number of students each year and is financed solely by monthly dues paid by members.

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